• Supply List for Pink School
    Mrs. Wilkins Room:
    Planner to write assignments and activities in
     4 single subject spiral notebooks
    1 pocket folder
    Sharpened pencils
    Pencil box
    Colored Pencils
    5th & 8thClear / see through protractor
    8thSimple calculator with square root sign, memory, and cosign (cos) functions
    Mrs. Skavdahl’s room:
    Paint shirts
    Both rooms:
    1 box of Kleenex per student
    If your child/children like ketchup or ranch with their lunches, please send one of each per family.
    Lunchbox with cold pack, utensils, and napkins as your child needs.
    Water bottles
    *Students:  Please remember to check your supplies from last year. You will have many of these already!
     *I will let you know as supplies need replenished throughout the year.