Absences: Blaise; Seth; Tamika; Sierra

    Planned Absences: Kaylee-Friday; Ella; Jadon, and Ashley


      • Practice good hygiene, wash your hands, cover your sneeze, sanitize your hands. Stay home if you feel ill.

      • Today--Dr. Gies and Mr. Valenta will grill hot dogs for lunch for all students grades 8-11 and staff. Chips and drinks will also be provided.

      • Friday-Last day of classes. Students be sure to get any missing work turned in.

    Upcoming Events:

    • Friday

      Bayard B, C, D Track Meet starting at 9:00. Bus will leave 6:00.
    • Feliz Cinco De Mayo

    2021-22 Motto--If you are not ready to put the team first, TURN AROUND.