2023-2024 Test Dates (National)

Test Date

Regular Registration Deadline
Late Fee Applies After This Date

Late Registration Deadline

Photo Upload and Standby Deadline

September 9, 2023

August 4

August 18

September 1

October 28, 2023

September 22

October 6

October 20

December 9, 2023

November 3

November 17

December 1

February 10, 2024

January 5

January 19

February 2

April 13, 2024

March 8

March 22

April 5

June 8, 2024

May 3

May 17

May 31

July 13, 2024*

June 7

June 21

July 5

**If you register with the NCAA (ACT code 9999) or the NAIA (ACT code 9876), you must request a transcript be sent from the guidance office but they will only accept your ACT score directly from ACT, I cannot submit that score for you. You must record their code number as one of your college choices when registering for the test. 


This is a listing of scholarships that students may apply for.  Any questions, please contact our guidance counselor, Carrie Edmund at 308-668-2415 or at

Here are some national sites to consider:

Be aware of scholarship and financial aid scams.  Don’t pay for these services! Continue checking this site for additional scholarships available to our students.